Pittsburgh Modular M3 – Audio and Control Voltage Signal Router

Pittsburgh Modular M3

The Pittsburgh Modular M3 is a very usable utility module. In every modular system there is need to be able to split as well as mix signals and CVs. The M3 consists of one multiple and two mixers/signal splitters. The multiple is passive, which means that any of the four jacks can act as input and the rest as outputs. There are some possible drawbacks with a passive multiple compared to a buffered multiple. For example, the setting in one module might backfire and affect the other modules in an undesirable way via the passive multiple. But with that said I do not mean that there is no use for a passive multiple, they are usually cheaper and any jack can act as input or output which might come in handy. The mixers have two inputs and two outputs and each can be used as a two-channel mixer input and a two output buffered multiple. If both mixers are patched in series you can achieve a three-channel mixer or a one input to three buffered outputs multiple. With the multiple and the two mixers patched together the M3 can perform a wide range of functions at once.

I have never been too excited about Pittsburgh Modular panel layouts, but the M3 is simple, concise and lucid. Strangely enough Pittsburgh Modular has marked the passive multiple with one input and three outputs, but since it is passive all jacks can work either as inputs or as outputs. There is no manual available, but I really doubt the need of a manual for this module. It is easy and intuitive to work with, despite the somewhat ambiguous panel markings.

To summarize, the M3 is a useful tool for every modular, even if Pittsburgh Modular have made some questionable panel layout choices.

Ratings (1 = poor, 5 = excellent)
Build quality: 3
Functionality: 3
Audio quality (if applicable): –
Ease of use: 5
Cost/Bang for your buck: 3

Comparison chart
Category: Utility
Controls: Not applicable.
Inputs: 1 passive multiple in, 2x mixer in x 2.
Outputs: 3x passive multiple out, 2x mixer out x 2.
Size: Width: 4 HP, Depth: 20 mm
Power consumption: +12 V = 20 mA, -12 V = not specified, +5 V = not specified
Price: 59.00 € / $59.00